LBT32: All About the Good Food Awards


When I was a judge for the Good Food Awards Blind Tasting last fall, I ran into Gina Conedera, another judge who owns Chunky Pig, and she asked me to do a post about the process.  She said this info would’ve been useful when she was an applicant, so I decided to record a podcast episode for anyone else who might want to know more about the process. Thanks for the idea, Gina!

In this episode, I interviewed Alli Ball from Allison Ball Consulting, who organized the Pantry category and also invited me to be a judge.  She’s fabulous and really knows her stuff!  We talked about the timeline for the Good Food Awards from entering, to the blind tasting to the gala – and shared tips for success along the way.

After listening to this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The number 1 reason why a producer should enter the Good Food Awards
  • Why it’s useful, even if you don’t end up winning an award
  • How the blind tasting works
  • How you can set yourself up for success


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Good Food Awards Timeline


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