LBT33: How to Celebrate National Food Holidays

how to celebrate national food holidays

If you’re looking for another way to bring in customers, here’s another idea. You should plan a celebration around a National Food Holiday! There are lots of days to celebrate every month and great opportunities to bring in customers and I’m going to help you come up with a plan.

After listening to this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should think about celebrating national food holidays
  • Where to find holidays that will work for your business
  • How to add national food holidays to your Google Calendar
  • How to create an event around the holiday
  • How to create a marketing plan to promote your event
It’s a good reason to invite customers in and a great way to show off what you have to offer. Click To Tweet

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Timeline for Celebrating National Food Holidays

5 weeks in advance

Go through list of holidays, Add national food holidays to your calendar

4 weeks in advance

Plan an event, Offer special dishes, Come up with fun names

3 weeks in advance

Create Images, Take photos, record videos of your dishes, Use

2 weeks in advance

Post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Create a Facebook Event and invite everyone

Day of event

Post photo the morning of the event to remind and invite people to the celebration, Post photo during event to thank everyone and show people that they’re missing out


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